Coral snake stung by bee while eating another snake

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22nd October, 2019 12:18:50 printer

Coral snake stung by bee while eating another snake


A video clip was recently shared on Twitter by Evangeline Cummings involving two snakes and a bee.

“I believe I just witnessed a bee, stinging a coral snake while the coral was dining on a rat snake and I need your support to process this,” Cummings wrote while sharing the video. She also tagged a few experts on the subject to get a clear understanding of the incident, reports Hindustan Times.

Shared on October 17, the video shows a coral snake eating another snake, while both hang from a tree - while some bees are buzz around the reptiles. Within seconds, the coral snake leaves its food and thrashes wildly. Considering what mentioned in the caption, the snake’s reaction is a result of a sting from a bee.

Since being shared the video has collected over 39,000 views, about 1,200 likes, and close to 270 comments.

The video has raised lots of questions among people. While most were terrified, a few others were left surprised. There were some who dished out hilarious replies too.