Man swims with alligator to tire it out, catches it with bare hands

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19th October, 2019 02:49:54 printer

Man swims with alligator to tire it out, catches it with bare hands


An animal trapper Paul Bedard caught an alligator after getting call about an alligator stuck in a swimming pool which has “walked through the screen” door.  

The call excited him because he hasn’t had “a good-sized gator in a swimming pool in probably a year.”

Shared on animal trapper Paul Bedard’s Instagram profile, the images capture different moments of him rescuing the alligator, reports Hindustan Times.

“Jump in the water play around with it until it’s tired and I can either hold its mouth shut and put a snare on it and tape it, or if it’s super energetic I can get it tired enough where I can just pick it up without the tape and carry it out in the yard and then tape it up once I get there,” he further wrote explaining that the best way to catch an alligator is to tire it out.

Finally, he informed that the reptile was “super mellow” and didn’t give him a hard time. In fact, the animal, which later turned out to be 8 feet 8 in, didn’t give him “any hassle” at all.

Images involving an alligator and an animal trapper have evoked emotions of awe and fear among people on social media.

It’s because, in the images, the man is seen catching and rescuing the alligator with his bare hands.