Is Ganguly going to be a BCCI president with a difference?


18th October, 2019 02:56:58 printer

Is Ganguly going to be a BCCI president with a difference?

Here's an explainer on everything about the 'new' BCCI regime.

What's the big deal about this election?

It's the first time BCCI will come in power following the implementation of the Lodha reforms. It's also the first time in a really long time that BCCI elections have happened with a united front, where the desperation to throw the Committee of Administrators out has overpowered their internal politics.

Does this mean it's going to be a reformed BCCI?

Not really. Quite a few veteran administrators are out of power but they are still in control of a lot of affairs via their sons, daughter or trusted men.

What's the BCCI Apex Council?

It's a nine-member committee comprising of the president (Sourav Ganguly), vice president (Mahim Verma), secretary (Jay Shah), joint secretary (Jayesh George), treasurer (Arun Dhumal), councillor (Prabhtej Singh Bhatia), ICA Men's representative (Anshuman Gaekwad), ICA women's representative (Shantha Rangaswamy) and a CAG representative. They will be the top bosses to take the final call on all issues with respect to Indian cricket.

What's different about it?

The presence of a CAG representative and two representatives from the Indian Cricketers' Association, a body that will function as a union for past and current cricketers. Another interesting aspect of the new body is that there will only be a Councillor, who replaces all the managing committee members.

What's a Councillor?

As for now, a councillor is a one-person managing committee. Earlier, the committee used to have representation from different zones and was responsible for discussions on policy and financial decisions, among other issues, taking into consideration the requirements of each zone. Now, it becomes the Councillor's responsibility to be in communication with all the state associations and carry out all the work.

Is Sourav Ganguly going to be a president with a difference?

He already is. With very few exceptions, most people who went on to become BCCI presidents reached the position at the back of their own clout. Ganguly, on the other hand, finds himself there as a result of a complicated political design created by people in power. Image building was an aspect considered while selecting the candidates for the election, and Ganguly was a crucial answer to that. He comes with a positive public persona, the kind of which his predecessor didn't have, and that helps distract from a lot of other things controversial.

As far as his role is concerned, even as a president, due to his expertise as a cricketer, he could be doing the job that has traditionally been carried out by the secretary and joint secretary i.e. of looking after senior and junior cricket respectively.

So what will the secretary and the joint secretary do?

Jay Shah could be largely responsible in coordinating with the state associations and strengthening them. He could also be the go-to person for all matters related to government hurdles, that were earlier dealt by the president directly.

Jayesh George, the veteran administrator from Kerala, could look into the legal aspects of the board as well as the running of junior cricket.

What happens to the CoA now?

Vinod Rai has gone on record several times to say that his job ends the day BCCI elections take place i.e. October 23, 2019. However, his rivals aren't completely convinced. They believe that there could still be a possibility that the Committee of Administrators could be asked to remain in power for a longer time. And if that happens, while Ravi Thodge could leave, Vinod Rai and Diana Edulji might still continue in CoA.

Will the presence of players' representatives in the council help the players fight for their welfare?

For ICA representatives to remain in power, they have no option but to fight for the cause of the players. However, they still remain in a minority being just 2 out of 9. Nonetheless, there is at least bound to be more discussion with regards to the welfare of the players. How strong they come out as remains to be seen.