Painting exhibition ‘Jolokabbo 2’ underway at Edge Gallery

Jahid Islam

4th October, 2019 05:40:28 printer

Painting exhibition ‘Jolokabbo 2’ underway at Edge Gallery

A group painting exhibition titled ‘Jolokabbo 2: Musings in Watercolour’ is underway at the Edge Gallery in the capital’s Gulshan 2 area.

A total of 26 artists have been participating in the event, which features watercolour paintings. Art works of Young artists, as well as revered painters like Hamiduzzaman Khan, Jamal Ahmed and Monirul Islam are being exhibited at the show.

The vibrant works explore memories of the land in its various seasons. Presented by Edge, The Foundation as a continuation watercolor show, discovers a spectrum of emotions portrayed through vivid paintings of nature, captured in the form of landscapes and riverine life.

Mastering the art of watercolor painting is a complex process. Painters need not only learn how hues interact with each other both physically and chemically, they also require profound knowledge of how water carries color pigments through the curves and fibers of canvas or paper.

Among the works exhibited are paintings by 8 senior and exceptionally talented masters: Alakesh Ghosh, Anisuzzaman, Biren Shome, Hamiduzzaman Khan, Jamal Ahmed, Monirul Islam, Ranjit Das and Samarjit Roy Chowdhury.

Having works of established painters alongside those by upcoming artists will enable a dialogue between the city’s art critics, connoisseurs and collectors about the new paintings by the burgeoning talent pool.

Edge Gallery is organising this colorful and deeply optimistic collection of works with an aim to help art lovers across the capital discover the joys of collecting art and to encourage supporting the growth of a new generation of artists.

The exhibition, which opened to the public on September 18, will continue till October 26, every day from 10:00am to 8:00pm at Bay’s Edgewater on NE (N) 12 North Avenue, Gulshan 2.