Government considering ‘ban on e-cigarette’

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3rd October, 2019 05:07:23 printer

Government considering ‘ban on e-cigarette’

The government is considering a ban on the production, import and sale of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes in the country.

Sheikh Yousuf Harun, secretary of Health Education and Family Welfare Division, said this at a press briefing on Thursday while citing the negative impacts of tobacco products on human health on the basis of several global findings and evidences.

“Production, import and sale of all new tobacco products including e-cigarettes have to be banned. We will discuss the issue with the higher authorities soon,” Sheikh Yousuf Harun said.

Mentioning the steps of banning e-cigarette by over 30 countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand and Singapore, the secretary said, “We can use the global experiences from these countries,” he added.