Thursday, 9 December, 2021

Bangladesh railway west zone to construct 343.57-km new rail lines

Bangladesh railway west zone is going to construct 295.76-kilometer mainline and 47.81-kilometer loop line aiming to expand its route with easing communication, a railway official here said.

The zone headquartered in Rajshahi comprising the administrative divisions of Rajshahi, Khulna and Rangpur will implement five new projects for constructing new lines with an estimated cost of around Taka 12,052.33 crore, zones executive engineer Mustafizur Rahman said.

All of those projects had been approved in the ECNEC meeting last year, he said on Tuesday.

Among the projects, one scheme titled ‘Construction of Dual Gauge Rail Line from Bogura to Shahid M. Monsur Ali Station, Sirajganj of Bangladesh Railway’ will be implemented at a cost of Taka 5,579.70-crore, he said.

Around 86.51-kilometer mainline and 16.30-kilometer loop line, two bridges on the Karatoa and Isamoti rivers and overpass on Dhaka-Bogura highway will be constructed with installation of modern signaling and telecommunication under the project, he said.

The project would establish a shorter dual gauge link to the western and northern parts of the country with the eastern and southern parts via capital Dhaka, he added.

Upon its successful implementation by June, 2023, this railway route will reduce travel time from Dhaka to northern part of Bangladesh besides reducing traffic congestion and air pollution through diversion of traffic to railway, he said.

He also said the people of Sirajganj, Bogura and part of Naogaon will get benefit of this railway connectivity.

Around 126.25-kilometer double line and 14.40- kilometer loop line will be constructed on Khulna-Darshana route under another project at a cost of Taka 3,505.75-crore.

Various infrastructure development works like reconstruction of seven stations, renovation of nine others, construction of four guarder bridges, 43 box culverts, 25 new station platforms and renovation of 12 others will be implemented by December, 2022, Rahman said.

The existing 57-kilometer meter gauge mainline and 9.85-kilometer loop line from Parbatipur to Kaonia will be transformed into dual gauge by December, 2022 under another Taka 1,683.21-crore project.

Besides, four new stations, 47 bridges, 25 new platforms and four new platform sheds will also be constructed. Under the project, 12 platforms will be renovated with installation of CBI signaling system in six stations.

Under one more project, broad gauge railway will be installed to connect Magura district with other existing railway network for establishing regional connectivity by April, 2022.

Construction of 19-kilomter railway line from Madhukhali to Magura via Kamarkhali with three stations, 15 level crossings, 20 bridges and installations of non-interlocked colour light signaling will be made under the Taka 1,202.49-crore project.

Another project titled “Construction of Broad Gauge Railway line between Chilahati and Chilahati Border for Connectivity with India” will be implemented at a cost of Taka 80.16 crore with construction of seven-kilometer mainline and 2.36-kilometre loop line, Rahman said.

Upon its successful implementation by 2021, the project will contribute a lot towards establishing sub-regional connectivity with easing the transportation of passengers and goods between Bangladesh and India through new route.