Banned Suprobhat Paribahan trick to operate by disguising its buses

Ahamed Ullah

18th September, 2019 11:04:24 printer

Banned Suprobhat Paribahan trick to operate by disguising its buses


The owners of the banned Suprobhat Paribahan tricked police for months and continued to run its buses disguised as Victor Classic Paribahan and Akash Enterprise, instead of taming its drivers to operate safely.

Suprobhat Paribahan used to operates buses on the route from Uttara to Sadarghat via Nodda. While Victor Classic operates bused on the route from Abdullahpur to Sadarghat via Nodda.

The Victor Classic was in trouble for the third time on the same route after one of its buses killed musician Pervez Rob in Uttara on September 5, while another bus of the company ran over the musician’s son and his friend on September 7.

BRTA banned Suprobhat and Jabale Noor transport companies from operating buses in Dhaka following a demand made by students who revived protests for road safety after a Suprobhat Paribahan bus ran over and killed Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) student Abrar Ahmed Chowdhury on March 19 on Pragati Sarani at Badda.

BRTA formed a five-member committee on March 21 to check the documents of all buses of Suprobhat Paribahan and Jabale Noor Paribahan.

The BRTA committee found that only 18 out of 163 buses running under Suprobhat Paribahan in the capital have valid documents including registration, route permits, fitness certificates, tax tokens, insurance and drivers with licenses.

Later, BRTA cancelled the registration of Suprobhat Paribahan.

A daily sun investigation has found that as soon as the registration of Suprobhat Paribahan has cancelled, the owners of the bus services changed its color and name and continued to run its buses using the name Victor Classic Paribahan and Akash Enterprise.

Sources said that half of the Victor Classic buses do not have route permits, but running on the roads allegedly by “bribing police and BRTA officials.”

Mohammad Ashraf Hossain, the current MD of the Victor Classic Company, told the daily sun that he recently took charge of the post. “I do not know if any bus of Suprobhat Paribahan is running in the name of Victor Classic Paribahan,” he said.

Several BRTA officials refused to comment on the issue when contacted by the daily sun. However, one transport official, who requested not to be named, said “The former MD of the bus company is a son of an influential person. So, the drivers show their muscles as they think none can touch them if they do any wrong.”

The main stoppage for the Suprobhat Paribahan transport was the Shakhari Bazar intersection of Old Dhaka. Now the stoppage is being used as the base for Victor Classic, thus establishing the fact the owners have disguised their operation with new names cheating angry people on the route to save themselves from their wrath.

When this correspondent talked with one supervisor of Victor Classic, he said after the death of Abrar, technically buses of Suprobhat Paribahan became Victor Classic.

Sources said that not only Victor Classic, the buses of Suprobhat Paribahan also changed its name for buses operating on several other routes.

Thus the owners have blatantly violated laws and were unconcerned about the loss of human lives by their drivers who steer recklessly. According to sources currently about 300 buses were now operating under Victor Classic Paribahan on Sadarghat-Abdullahpur route. Some of these buses were earlier, called the main Victor Classic, which used run as local bus.

After adding those as Suprobhat Paribahan, Victor Classic Paribahan started a new service named Victor Classic seating service. After its launch, the owners added 100 more new buses.

Some transport leaders said the new buses had no route route permits.