Why are South Korean politicians shaving their heads?

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17th September, 2019 03:54:34 printer

Why are South Korean politicians shaving their heads?


South Korea's opposition leader has become the latest politician to publicly shave his head in a protest against the government.

Hwang Kyo-ahn had his hair entirely shaved off in front of supporters and journalists outside the presidential palace on Monday evening, reports BBC.

The protest is over a new justice minister, Cho Kuk, whose family is embroiled in corruption allegations.

Last week, two female MPs shaved their heads over the same controversy.

All three are from the conservative end of the political spectrum and oppose the current government under South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in.

They want Mr Cho to resign or be sacked.

What are the protests about?

Cho Kuk, a former law professor and aide to Mr Moon, took office last week as justice minister.

But his critics are angry that he was nominated for the post by Mr Moon despite ongoing accusations of academic fraud and financial crimes against his family.

His wife, also a professor, has been indicted for allegedly forging material which helped their daughter get into university and secure scholarships, something which has angered other university students.