US to continue support addressing Rohingya crisis

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16th September, 2019 08:45:02 printer

US to continue support addressing Rohingya crisis

The USA will continue its ongoing support to Bangladesh for addressing Rohingya crisis in a way that will also benefit the host community in Cox’s Bazar.

“This assistance helps improve lives of Bangladeshis in host communities by expanding access to healthcare and enhancing economic and education opportunities,” said a press release issued by the US embassy here today as US Ambassador to Bangladesh Earl R Miller visited Cox’s Bazar from September 13 to 15.

It said the USA will continue partnership with Bangladesh and its international and non-governmental organisations to address the Rohingya crisis in ways that uphold humanitarian principles with benefiting all the people in Cox’s Bazar.

“The US recognizes the challenges which the Rohingya crisis has posed for local communities and the Government of Bangladesh,” it said, adding “The generosity of the people and Government of Bangladesh in opening their hearts and borders to vulnerable Rohingya people is an example to the world.”

During his trip in Cox’s Bazar, the US ambassador met the organizations,which are providing assistance to Rohingya people and communities hosting the forcibly displaced people from their motherland Rakhine state in Myanmar.

The United States is the world’s leading contributor of humanitarian assistance in response to the Rohingya crisis providing nearly US $542 million (Taka 4,552.8 crore) since the outbreak of violence in August 2017.