Criminals laugh as no CCTVs at major points

Mahabub Alam

16th September, 2019 02:24:33 printer

Criminals laugh as no CCTVs at major points

Criminals in crammed Dhaka were in advantage and leave without any happily without a trace from committing crimes they were no close-circuit camera (CCTV) surveillance in most of the important points of the capital city.

Sources said various crimes, including murder, were common, but those responsible were untraceable in most of the cases.

Local residents said if CCTV’s were installed in major city points it would be difficult for the criminals to vanish.

They emphasized that important points should be brought under CCTV surveillance as soon as possible.

Malibagh-Mouchank flyover is an important establishment where one Pathao driver was killed and his motorbike was snatched on August 27.

Earlier on September 2, detectives arrested the lone killer, Nur Uddin Sumon, from Shajahanpur area in the capital.

Abdul Baten, additional commissioner of DMP, said the flyover had no CCTV camera so the police faced difficulties in arresting criminals operating in the area.

Science Lab is another vital point in which two police officials sustained injuries in a crude bomb blast in front of a police box on the night of August 31.

No CCTV camera was there to film those who hurled the bombs. There was a CTTV camera with a commercial establishment facing the opposite side.

Like the bomb blast at Science Lab, those responsible for exploding bombs at Gulistan, Malibagh and Farmgate have remained untraceable.

No CCTV cameras were seen in these very important points. One officer of Shajahanpur Police Station told the daily sun that the Malibagh railway area was a favourite spot for crime at night.

Many victims lodged complaints with the police, but they have failed to arrest the criminals due to lack of of CCTV cameras.

Aminul Islam, a schoolteacher and a resident of Farmgate area, said CCTV should be installed in the area as there were rampant cases of snatching.

Police took a project named ‘Development of Dhaka City Digital Monitoring System’ to bring the entire capital city under CCTV surveillance.

It was planned to set up 50,000 CCTV cameras. But the project did not see the ray of light in the last two years.

CCTVs have been mostly installed by various societies and personal endeavors.

Assistant Inspector General of Police Headquarters Sohel Rana was not available over phone for comments on the project.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan on Thursday said Dhaka and other important cities would be brought under the ‘Safe City Project’ soon.

“Some 14,000-16,000 modern and high-tech CCTV cameras will be installed along 6,000 kilometres of roads in Dhaka to identify criminals with their photos from their NID cards,” he told a programme.