Australian, New Zealand envoys visit Gulshan mosque


16th September, 2019 11:15:33 printer

Australian, New Zealand envoys visit Gulshan mosque

Australian High Commissioner to Bangladesh Julia Niblett and New Zealand High Commissioner to India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Ambassador to Nepal Joanna Kempkers made a joint visit to Gulshan Society Jame Mosque in the city on Sunday.

Founding Secretary-General of the Mosque Committee Jaharul Islam Chowdhury welcomed the envoys and provided them a tour of its premises.

Both the high commissioners were impressed with the unique architecture of the mosque, particularly for its maximisation of space in an inner-city location and the inspirational feeling the building evokes, said a press release.  

“It was a privilege to have been able to visit this beautiful mosque and we are overwhelmed by the warm welcome extended to us,” said Australian High Commissioner Julia Niblett.

“As a multi-cultural country, Australia has benefited from its principles of diversity, inclusion and tolerance – these are values that we hold dear,” she said.

As a country committed to tolerance and diversity, New Zealand shares the same values.

“New Zealand is a nation of more than 200 ethnicities and 160 languages. Diversity and inclusion lie at the core of our values as a country,” High Commissioner Joanna Kempkers added.

Jahurul Islam Chowdhury, who has been associated with the Gulshan Society Jame Mosque since its inception, said it was a pleasure to receive Niblett and Kempkers at the mosque.

"We welcome their visit and look forward to receiving them again.”