BNP survives as there’s no politics of vengeance: PM

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11th September, 2019 07:37:04 printer

BNP survives as there’s no politics of vengeance: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said had Awami League believed in the politics of vengeance there would not have been the existence of BNP in the country.

“Awami League doesn’t do the politics of killing. Awami League doesn’t believe in the politics of vengeance. Had we done so, there would not have been the existence of BNP in this country because no one other than us was more subjected to killing, repression and torture by BNP,” she said.

The Prime Minister made the remarks while replying to a starred question from BNP MP Rumeen Farhana (Reserved Seat-50) in Parliament.

In her question, the BNP female MP said Prime Minister’s instructions are now needed in all the cases -- from killing people to killing mosquitoes in the country -- which indicates the fall and dysfunction of other institutions of the State.

The successes of the institutions of the State are prerequisite to an effective country, she said posing a question whether the ineffective institutions reflect the scenario of the overall failure of the government in running the State.

In response, Sheikh Hasina said she is the daughter of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who dedicated his life to the wellbeing of the people of this country.

“Being his daughter, I’ve a different responsibility towards people. That’s why I work throughout the day and night. I’m always making efforts to make all the institutions more active, not ineffective,” she said, highlighting the progress of the country in different areas, which were attained due to relentless efforts of the Awami League government and tireless works of people.

Noting that these achievements were not gained automatically, she said had the institutions remained ineffective, it would have not been possible to attain such achievements.

Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh is marching forward because the state machinery work properly. “Would the questioner been happy had spent time in sleeping till 12 pm like her (Rumeen’s) leader Khaleda Zia than doing work?”

It is BNP which set the example of a failed state, she said, adding that important decisions of the State used to come from such a person who was not involved in the state machinery. “The Prime Minister used to remain in sleep and her son used to give decisions from Hawa Bhaban. Ministers and secretaries used to wait for directives from Hawa Bhaban,” she said apparently referring to Khaleda and her son Tarique Rahman.

The Prime Minister criticised Rumeen for using the word ‘killing’ equally for people and mosquitoes in her question. “Her question is unexpected, un-parliamentary and absurd,” she said.

Stained with blood, Ziaur Rahman came to power with the help of the killers of her family members, Hasina said, adding that the four national leaders were killed mercilessly in jail after being subjected the vengeance of Ziaur Rahman.

She said it is BNP founder Ziaur Rahman who started the evil politics of killing and coup. “He killed hundreds of officers and soldiers of the armed forces. He introduced the culture of bribe, corruption and looting. Ziaur Rahman destroyed a generation in its entirety.”

She continued: “That’s why the ‘killing of people’ word can spontaneously be uttered by the BNP MP. It’s their political ideology.”

The Prime Minister also said there is no evil deed like creating militancy, unleashing arson violence, bomb attack, money laundering and embezzlement of orphans’ money that Khaleda Zia, her two sons and her party leaders left undone.