TIB report on land management is not completely true: Saifuzzaman


11th September, 2019 06:16:08 printer

TIB report on land management is not completely true: Saifuzzaman

Land Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury said on Wednesday the report of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) on land management’s corruption is not completely true.

“TIB’s report on corruption of land management is not fully true. However, I am not going to take their reports lightly at all. Some corruption may have taken place in land registration department, but the situation has improved. We will take all necessary steps for more improvement of the situation,” he told newsmen.

Saifuzzaman was talking to the journalists following attending a meeting with US Ambassador to Bangladesh Earl R Miller at his Secretariat office.

TIB did not mention the time when its report was published, the minister said, adding:” I cannot support the report.”

The complications and problems regarding land offices have been occurring for a long time, he said, adding that the situation is now better in comparison to the past.

He said the land registration department is under the Law Ministry. If it is brought under the purview of the Ministry of Land, there will be less complaint about this office.

The land management process in Bangladesh is complicated, he said, adding that but if this system is automated, there will be no complications.