Diet plan for homemakers to lose weight

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27th August, 2019 01:00:07 printer

Diet plan for homemakers to lose weight


For those who think that being a housewife is a cakewalk, it is important for them to understand that it’s a 24*7 job that is full of commitment and involves a lot of physical strength. While doing daily chores women do burn calories, but due to the generic body structure and post-pregnancy, it often happens that their body calls for extra care and diet. According to experts, the demanding job has minimal scope for them to go out for yoga or gymming to shed those extra kilos and this calls for them to watch their diet minutely to keep the body healthy. Here, we have drafted a simple and basic diet plan for Indian homemakers, which if followed diligently can help them keep their weight under control, without sweating it out in open space, reports The Statesman.

Morning ritual

Before you get occupied in the kitchen, start your day with lukewarm water, honey and lemon juice. This will not only make you feel light but also help shed a few inches over a period of time.


In case you don’t have blood pressure issues, add black coffee to your first meal along with one plate of poha/upma and some almonds. You can also have 2 boiled eggs and toast.


Nothing is better than homemade traditional Indian food that includes steamed rice, toor dal, green veggies cooked in mustard oil, curd, and fresh salad.

Evening snacks

Prefer to have green tea, roasted makhana or chana along with a few slices of fresh fruits.


Amidst crazy evening with kids and family members, try to have your last meal before 8 pm which should have least carbs. You can have a protein shake and roasted paneer along with sautéed green veggies.


Make sure that you drink 8-9 glasses of water daily to keep the digestive system at ease. Also, water consumption nurtures your skin and keeps it hydrated.

No to packaged food

After a hectic day, the packaged soup might sound an easy and healthy plan for you. But, beware and try to avoid such food items at all costs and eat freshly produced at home.

Bottom line

While this diet plan is basic and safe, experts feel that it is important to understand your body and follow the diet as recommended by the dietician or nutritionist. Also, it is important to involve yourself in some physical exercise to improve blood circulation and increase the flexibility of the body.