Won’t sing in other’s tune and lyric: Anupom Roy

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24th August, 2019 03:56:25 printer

Won’t sing in other’s tune and lyric: Anupom Roy

Popular musician and singer Anupom Roy is not interested in singing songs of other’s lyric and tune.

Till date, his decision was only valid for audio version, not for the song of movies.

But this time, he had given his final decision that he will not sing for any version without his own lyric and tune, not even for movies. Because he finds it unjustified in terms of combining lyric and tune. Sometimes he finds it much difficult to coordinate with the assigned co-singer.

Anupam has already established his own space in the music industry by composing songs that expresses his love of music by creating philosophical songs of deep love, life-feeling and rich words.

In this journey, he has gifted the audience with songs like-  ‘Amake amar moto thakte dao’, ‘Tumi jake Valobasho’, ‘ Ami ki tomay khub Birokto Korci’,’ Meghla dine ekla’, ‘Ghorbari’ along with many others movie songs.

Moreover, Anupom is equally popular in Bangladesh and India.