Do you work out in the morning? Here’s what you can eat before that

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23rd August, 2019 01:32:30 printer

Do you work out in the morning? Here’s what you can eat before that


It is extremely important to keep a few things in mind while working out, including what you should eat right before engaging in some strenuous workouts.

Here are some lists of right food before working out:

Oatmeal: Starting you day with a bowl of oatmeal is considered to be a healthy choice. According to a report in My Fitness Pal, oats are full of fibre and carbohydrates, thus providing one with a burst of energy.  One can whip it up any way they like — by adding nuts, berries, or yogurt to make it more appetizing, reports Hindustan Times.

Fresh fruits: Fresh fruits can make for a quick and effective breakfast before hitting the gym. They are a rich source of iron and magnesium among other things. In case you want to add some variety to your meal, you can always make a smoothie with banana and milk.

Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt, which is an excellent source of probiotics, protein and calcium is considered to be healthy and ideal to be consumed before a workout session.

Pancakes: Protein pancakes are a great source of energy, making them an ideal pre-workout meal. However, you must ensure that you eat them a few hours before hitting the gym as they can make you feel heavy and queasy.

Breakfast sandwich: Sandwich might not be the first thing you want to eat in the morning, but one made with wholegrain bread (which is rich in fibre) is a good option.  According to the report, you can make yours with some fresh vegetables and you are good to go! You can even add some egg to the mix.