Rawhide price fall a conspiracy to malign government

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19th August, 2019 10:02:26 printer

Rawhide price fall a conspiracy to malign government

Information Minister and Awami League Publicity and Publication Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud on Monday said that the price fall of rawhide was the creation of the conspirators who dream of present government’s ouster from the power.

Replying to an allegation from BNP over the issue of rawhide of sacrificial animals, the minister told this to media at a press briefing at Awami League president’s political office in Dhanmondi.

The AL leader said it was Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina who has taken pragmatic steps for flourishing country’s leather sector but those who cannot accept the country’s progress under the present government are trying to destroy the sector.

Dr Hasan said the number of sacrificial animals has been increased two to three times now as people’s economic conditions became better over the last ten years.

But, due to the restriction of compliance executed by the government for environmental protection, the number of tanneries didn’t increase. Some devious profit mongers took the benefit of the excess rawhide, he added.

He said the government is investigating the matter to find out anybody guilty for the swindle.

The AL leader also came down heavily on BNP leaders’ decision seeking help from international forum about Khaleda Zia’s release issue saying bad smell of BNP’s politics will be transcended beyond the border if they take the issue to global forum.

“Begum Zia was convicted by country’s highest court in graft cases . . . the countrymen know everything as she embezzled the money of orphans. Now international community will learn about the matter if they go international forum,” Dr Hasan said.

After the press briefing, a meeting of AL sub-committee on publicity and publication was held with committee chairman and prime minister’s political advisor HT Imam in the chair.