DNCC to launch combing operation to kill mosquitoes Tuesday

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19th August, 2019 02:21:15 printer

DNCC to launch combing operation to kill mosquitoes Tuesday

The Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) will launch a combing operation to kill the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, bearers of deadly disease dengue fever from Tuesday.

Confirming this, ASM Mamun, DNCC public relation officer, said, “The DNCC will begin the mosquito killing drive from ward-19 of the corporation tomorrow.”

ASM Mamun said, “Every ward of the DNCC will be divided into 10 operational areas and a ten-member team, led by a cleaning worker, will conduct the operation.”

He also informed that an officer will inspect the operation of each operational area.

“The cleaning workers will visit every house during the combing operation. They will examine the presence of larvae of Aedes mosquitoes in various infrastructures. If larvae are found in any office, house or under construction building, the owners of the infrastructures will be fined,” he said.  

He also informed that if larvae of Aedes mosquitoes are found in any residential building for the first time, the operational team will warn them verbally and paste red-coloured sticker on the wall of the building.

“If larvae are found in the sticker-pasted building in the future, the owner of the building will be fined then,” he added.