Five simple ways to protect your family from flu during monsoon

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18th August, 2019 11:43:32 printer

Five simple ways to protect your family from flu during monsoon

There is no denying that monsoon brings respite from the scorching summer months, but it also brings along a bevy of diseases. Hence, it becomes extremely important to protect yourself and your family from diseases like flu, cold, malaria, zika, cholera this monsoon. To help keep you and your family healthy this season, incorporate these five simple things in your daily routine.

*Maintain hand hygiene

The best way to enjoy monsoons is by keeping germs away. Your hands are the biggest carrier of germs and diseases. Instilling the habit of keeping your hands clean by frequently washing them helps curtail the spread of the flu virus. Make sure you also keep a hand sanitiser handy when out and about.

*Always drink water from a clean source

“Most of us don’t drink as much water as the body demands, especially during monsoons. But it should be noted that high levels of humidity and perspiration during the rainy season leads to severe dehydration, which can make the body prone to cold and fever. Monsoons is also the time when diseases like typhoid and jaundice thrive. Keeping drinking water units clean at home and making sure your source of water is a trusted one is imperative to avoid illness. So ensure that you consume about eight to 0 glasses of purified water a day,” says Dr Sachin Varma, chief dermatologist and cosmetologist, Skinvita Clinic.

*Avoid contact with infected person

If anyone around you is showing symptoms of flu try avoiding contact with them, as flu is a communicable disease and can affect children easily. So if you or anyone you feel gets sick, they should limit their contact with others as much as possible to avoid spreading the infection. Make sure to cover your mouth and nose with a tissue while coughing or sneezing.

*Eat healthy

Eating a nutritious and balanced diet will help you stay healthy. Couple this with regular exercise and boost your immunity levels.

*Add antiseptic liquid to bath water

Who doesn’t like dancing in the rain? While indulging it some fun during the rainy season is fine, you must take a bath as soon as you get home. “But do not forget to add some antiseptic liquid like Savlon to your bath water. Adding antiseptic liquid is advisable on a regular basis to decrease chances of infection,” adds Dr Varma.