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'Kashmir crisis is a crisis for Bangladesh too'

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17th August, 2019 08:29:40 printer

'Kashmir crisis is a crisis for Bangladesh too'

"The Kashmir issue is a crisis not just for Kashmiris, but for Bangladesh as well." Nur Hossain Kashemi of Hefazat-e-Islami Bangladesh said these words in solidarity with the people of Kashmir.

After the rally at the Gate of Baitul Mukarram National Mosque in Dhaka on Friday, Mr. Kashemi said: “Our voice will give courage to Kashmiris. We are ready to assist them in every way. We want that Article 370 of the Constitution to be brought back. If not, the people of Kashmir should start their independence movement. The people of Bangladesh will be by their side. We will cooperate with them. Our protest will continue.”

Noor Hossain Kashemi said: "Now we are protesting. We will continue this protest. We will put pressure on the government.”

When asked if he had discussed this with the government, he said: "We have not yet told the government anything. We will tell if needed. The people of Bangladesh are with the people of Kashmir.”

The rally that took place on Friday was named the Kashmiri solidarity council. The leaders and staff of the Hefajat-e-Islam were there. Islami Andolan Bangladesh(IAB) had organised rallies the same way before Eid. In addition, several organizations protested by sending out statements..

Maulana Imtiaz Alam, Ameer of Dhaka(South) of the Islami Andolan Bangladesh(IAB) Amir told Deutsche Welle: “The Modi government has completely seized the fundamental rights of Kashmiris. That is why the people of Bangladesh have to protest. We are discussing with the political parties that share our beliefs. There will be a big movement ahead. We have given the memorandum to the government."

When asked if they had discussed with the government, Mr Alam said: “We have not had any discussions with the government yet. The government has already taken a stand against Kashmir. The government says it is an internal matter in India. By no means is it an internal issue of India. They also said that if the Indo-Pakistan war goes on, we will be on India's side. What does this mean? Is India doing everything right? We are supporting them. It says the Bangladeshi government has not done the right thing.

Speaking at the rally of IAB, Mufti Fazlul Karim said, "We are not against India; India's policies are against morality and ideals. People and intellectuals from all over India have protested against Modi's wrongdoing. Modi's policy will decapitate democracy and India will be broken into pieces. Modi is taking away the rights of Muslims and oppressing them. Kashmir has been on fire since 1947 and is stained with the blood of citizens. Ignoring public opinion in Kashmir, India is creating a new crisis by changing the constitution. The fundamental rights of the people of Kashmir are under serious threat. Human rights are being violated. World leaders need to take initiative in this regard. Otherwise, the crisis will become even bigger in the future.”

Officially, Bangladesh has not yet responded to the Kashmir issue. Only Awami League general secretary Road Transport and Bridge Minister Obaidul Quader has said: “This is an internal matter of India. Bangladesh does not interfere in any country's internal affairs. We are monitoring the situation.”