No one came to buy, 900 sacrificial rawhide buried

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13th August, 2019 09:18:40 printer

No one came to buy, 900 sacrificial rawhide buried

A total of 900 skins of sacrificial animals were buried in Jagannathpur in Sunamganj on Tuesday as no merchant came for purchasing rawhides there.

The unsold skins of the sacrificial animals were buried in the premises of Saidpur Hossainia Hafizia Arabia Darul Hadith Madrasa in Saidpur-Shaharpara union of Jagannathpur upazila.

Madrasa authorities said they waited till 3:00 pm on Tuesday for rawhide buyer but no one had come and the skins were remained unsold. Finally, they decided to bury them near madrasa premises.

Hafiz Maulana Syed Fakhrul Islam said, like every year, they went house to house and collected 900 skins of the sacrificial animals—800 cows’ hide and 100 goats’ skin—and preserved them with salts expending Taka fifty thousand.

in Jagannathpur area have been lying on the ground for most of the time they were unable to sell the leather.

Meanwhile, local corresponded reported that most of the kurbanidatas also buried sacrificial animals’ hides as they could not sell them.