Simple ways to take care of your leather accessories this monsoon

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11th August, 2019 11:56:53 printer

Simple ways to take care of your leather accessories this monsoon

Love flaunting your leather accessories? Who does not. But the monsoons can play spoilsport and ruin your priced possessions by making them vulnerable to mould. Genuine leather accessories do not come cheap, which is why it becomes extremely important to take proper care of them, especially during the rainy season.

Here’s what you can do to save your precious leather accessories this monsoon.

*Dry it well

Moisture during the monsoon season can get accumulated in the leather and increase the chances of fungus, which eats away at the leather and causes permanent damage. Therefore, it is necessary to dry your accessories well. As soon as you get back home, dry them with a cloth or tissue so it can absorb the moisture.

*Use shoe trees

“Shoe trees are among the most important items you should have in your shoe care arsenal. It helps your leather shoes maintain their original shape and prevent creases and cracking. Using shoe trees during monsoon also extracts moisture from your footwear and retain the size and shape,” says Ambud Sharma, CEO, Escaro Royale.

*No heat

Keep your leather items away from direct sunlight. At the same time, high humidity can lead to mildew. Tricky, eh? Direct sunlight and extreme temperatures can adversely affect your leather pieces. Never leave your leather bag or shoes to dry near a heater or under direct sunlight.

*Polish it

Never compromise with the quality of the leather polish as it not only safeguards the accessories from moisture, but also enhances the leather’s natural shine and extends its life. When it comes to leather shoes, the best way to apply polish is by taking a small amount of it on a soft cloth and then rubbing it on the shoes in a circular motion. This moisturises the leather and makes it look fresh.

*Let it breathe

Just like your skin, leather also needs some ventilation to prevent mildew and rot. Air can naturally pass through leather, leaving moisture to evaporate. But that can’t happen if your leather is all sealed up. The longer you leave your leather pieces untreated, the harder it will be to clean them. Take out your leather bag and air it.

*Brush and wipe frequently

“Dirt or dust on leather accessories could toughen with exposure to air. Ensure that the items are immediately cleaned after use. Brush and clean the leather products with a soft-bristled brush or microfibre cloth designed especially for leather,” he adds.

*Fight the next downpour

Always stock and invest in a good leather conditioner or protector and store your leather accessories well to keep them new and fresh at all times, reports The Indian Express.