Seminar on Holistic Treatment & Nutrition Therapy held at DRU

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8th August, 2019 04:23:00 printer

Seminar on Holistic Treatment & Nutrition Therapy held at DRU

Seminar on Holistic Treatment and Nutrition Therapy or Alternative Medical Practices held at Sagar Rooney Auditorium of Dhaka Reporters Unity recently.

The seminar discusses the role of alternative therapies in the treatment of various ailments of health problems, pregnancy health care, childbirth, postnatal health care, child health care etc.

Inaugurating the seminar, IUBAT Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Abdur Robb said that holistic treatment and nutrition therapy is becoming popular in many countries as an alternative to the prevailing medical system.

Seafat e Rabbani, Country Director and Consultant of The Fig Tree Health Group Bangladesh, presented the keynote address at the seminar.

She said ‘Over the last few years, "Holistic Treatment & Nutrition Therapy" has become a very popular method of alternative treatment worldwide. The Fig Tree Health Group USA, founded by Dr. Sebi, has been serving their clients Holistic Treatment & Nutrition Therapy since 1971. Through this long journey, the therapy has been proved very much successful & popular to their patients in the USA and worldwide.

 In 2014, a franchise of The Fig Tree Health Group USA named The Fig Tree & Beyond started its journey in Bangladesh and has been the 1st to introduce the concept of Proper Holistic Treatment to the people of Bangladesh.

Although started in a small scale, the service started gaining success & popularity among its client. Various Health problems, chronic & acute illnesses, common & uncommon diseases have been healed successfully under this treatment method.

 Special health conditions such as pregnancy, childbirth, postnatal health issues, child health issues have also been successfully handled under this service. The Fig Tree & Beyond has been the 1st in Bangladesh to deliver a baby in 2016 through water-birth technology using their own profession birth-pool and other required equipment imported from the USA.

Nutrition therapy individual diet designing is also served which is required for people of all ages and all health condition in order to optimize their health. Diet must be unique based on age, health condition, medical background & health target and thus it is important to design individual diet chart based on these factors

Holistic treatment also takes consideration of emotional & psychological health along with physiological health. A healthy state of mind is required to ensure a healthy body and required guidance is provided to obtain harmony between mind and body for ultimate healing.

Anti-aging beauty & fitness is much sought by many and rarely achieved only by very few. Unknown to many people, the secret of anti-aging lies primarily in diet and some everyday practice which is unlocked to the clients of the fig tree, making this service very popular among beauty and fitness conscious people.