Confused, Frustrated, Less Confident Youths

Azaz Zaman

7th August, 2019 12:27:30 printer

Confused, Frustrated, Less Confident Youths

Being a university lecturer, whenever I ask my students about their life goals, most of them seem to be confused and less confident about their future. Many students don't even know where they are heading. Some are just like robots: following friends or doing something that their parents have asked them to do. If we carefully observe the people in the present Bangladesh, we witness that everyone is running in a rat race and is restless. Everyone is interested in making money, forgetting everything else. The young generation is also following the trend and focusing on finding ways to earn money.

In Bangladesh, 65 per cent of the population comprises of youngsters. Youths are the basement of developing countries like Bangladesh. Every youth should have a fire or be doing something for the country. However, the mass of Bangladeshi youth is getting frustrated thinking “how to earn”. This frustration is happening not just now; it's been there since long. Youths are becoming confused at the same time regarding their career and life goals. The burgeoning unemployment problem has fuelled this growing confusion.

Now, let’s discuss the major causes of making our youths confused and less confident.

Lack of Interest in Seeking


We can easily realise that our young generation is mostly ignorant of the true meaning of life. In other words, they do not know what they exist for. Most times, these youth just pursue anything they feel is good for them without having proper knowledge of the principles behind what they want or are doing. The same goes for many teachers, parents, and others. Students of schools, colleges, and even universities just attend classes for many years mostly for the grades. They are not bothered with issues about discovering who they are until crucial times. So, pursue knowledge about yourself, natural inclinations, desires, your environment, etc. via books, movies, seminars, and the likes. The popular ancient aphorism from the Greeks would help summarise this point- ‘Know thyself’.

Too Many ‘Advisers’ with

Unwise Advice

Many students have become victims of misinformed ‘advisers’ in the name of seeking counsel. They have ended up with a more confusing mind as a result of listening to such advisers. Rather than focusing more on internal factors such as the nature of the person, temperaments, and talents, these advisers concentrate on external factors like the economy and prospects. The truth is, external factors are always changing. The economy that is blooming today can regress to recession tomorrow. It is not right to advice youth to choose a field of study based on its economic value alone. I believe – though many may disagree with me – that every field of study is capable of producing wealth if we know how to add innovative ideas to it. For example, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos have used innovative ideas and technology to change the face of human interaction and business across the globe.  Students must, therefore, be wary of those advising them because not all ‘advisers’ are truly informed, up-to-date, and sincere. It is not a crime to seek for counsel but beware of who is advising you and the information you are being given as advice.

Too Much Parenting

This is one of the toughest challenges many youths are facing when it comes to choosing a course of study. Some parents have led many of their children astray due to undue ‘parental dictatorship’. Some have forcefully enrolled their children for courses that sooth their own selfish interests rather than considering the interests of their children. I have met students who confessed to me that their parents want them to study medicine, law, or engineering even when they actually prefer another field entirely. All these will no doubt bring confusion, frustration and even inferiority complex to such youths because they might end up struggling with what they are not designed for.  It is important for parents and guardians to allow these children to decide what is good for them. As parents, their role is to guide not forcing them to become what you want them to be, which most times they are not interested in. Most people struggle today because they have redesigned themselves by leaving their original ‘environment’ where they truly belong. …

Too Much Fear

Fear is the number one killer of potentials in most people. Many have doubted their capacity to succeed in certain fields of study due to fear, hence, they ended up with indecision which prevented them from acting when they should have. They have inaccurately believed some fields are not for them… Young people, these days are faced with indecision caused by fear of the unknown. Questions and statements such as “Can I really do this course?”, “Will I succeed if I embark on this course?”, or “I don’t even know what to do…” and the likes have paralyzed the potentials of many youths and rendered them confused due to fear. As a student, it is important for you to gather necessary information about your choice of course at the institution of higher study and face it with determination. Nothing great is ever achieved without determination, courage, and discipline. Successful people always have stories behind their successes. Faith empowers the mind to face the challenges of life.  A wise man has said that ‘Fear’ is ‘false evidence appearing real’. So don’t cripple yourself with indecision because of fear. Rise and go after your dreams!

Lack of Career Counsellors

Many of our schools, colleges, and universities do not have career counsellors nor encourage students’ support programs. Throughout my study life, I found very limited career counselling programmes. The story today is not too different. Several students— I have met and counselled over the years— confessed they are not sure whether they have any in their schools or colleges. If the presence of a person is not felt anywhere, it is as good as being unavailable. Lack of, or inadequate career counselling or student support programmes for youths also contribute to the confusion among students.

In conclusion, it can be reiterated that present-day youths are just daydreamers and do not put the effort in. And when they realise that what they daydreamed is not easy to achieve, they simply give up. But in order to accomplish success in life, they must have to put effort when they need to. Unfortunately, they spend most of their time on social media and enjoying with wrong friends. Eventually, they get frustrated. I urge the youth of our country to understand the true meaning of life and hope that our youths would be strong enough to accept their present state of affairs and focus on the betterment of their own lives, country, and the whole world.


The writer is the CEO of Eduzone International, an overseas education consultancy firm in Bangladesh. Email: [email protected]