Cairo car bomb kills at least 20 outside hospital

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6th August, 2019 02:33:57 printer

Cairo car bomb kills at least 20 outside hospital

Twenty people have been killed and 47 injured after a car bomb collided with other vehicles, triggering an explosion outside a cancer hospital in central Cairo, reports The Guardian.

The blast occurred late on Sunday on a road running alongside the Nile River in an area outside Egypt’s National Cancer Institute. Pictures taken just after the incident and published by Egypt’s largest newspaper, Al-Ahram, showed two burnt-out cars, with at least one completely blackened and dented from the force of the explosion.

Egypt’s interior ministry said a car carrying explosives drove into oncoming traffic and collided with three others, detonating its charge. It named Hasm, a violent offshoot of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood group, as the organisation responsible for the attack, and said a member of the group had been arrested in connection with the blast.