Bangladesh now ‘vulnerable’ for living: BNP


5th August, 2019 08:21:04 printer

Bangladesh now ‘vulnerable’ for living: BNP

BNP on Monday alleged that Bangladesh has become a ‘vulnerable’ country for living as people here do not feel safe since the government is busy ensuring its own protection by indulging in widespread corruption.

“We’re living in a country where there’s no safety of our lives and no protection of our heath. But the government is indulging in widespread corruption for their self-protection. They’re building houses outside the country for living there with their ill-gotten money,” BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir told a memorial meeting.

KM Hemayet Ullah Auranga Smriti Sangsad arranged the programme at the Jatiya Press Club, marking the sixth death anniversary of late BNP leader Auranga.

Fakhrul said a Bengali daily carried out a survey on noted lawyer Dr Shahdeen Malik’s recent comment that there is no security of citizens in the country, and 93 percent people have supported it. “This means people think they’re not safe in the country, and the state has failed to ensure their protection. The way the government is running the country it has become a vulnerable and failed state.”

He said minor girls are being raped and children beheaded while people are getting killed. “But where’s the state?”

He said the recent remarks of ministers and the two mayors of Dhaka have clearly exposed that they have no sense of responsibility as they were not elected with people’s votes. “This society can’t last for long with the current situation.”

Stating that the ruling party leaders used to talk about the country’s development, Fakhrul said what development the government has carried out when it cannot ensure public security, treatment of patients at the hospitals, bring effective medicines to kill mosquitoes and ensure safety on the roads.

Under the circumstances, he said BNP must continue its struggle together with people to save the country, protect people’s rights and restore democracy. “People’s protection can’t be ensured without democracy.”

The BNP leader said society is witnessing gradual change while the values are now not valued. “It’s not only happening in Bangladesh but also all over the world.”

He said the issues of brining a social change, removing economic inequality, realising people’s demands and establishing their rights and ensuring democracy are not getting focus now all over the world.

Fakhrul also said there is a vacuum of merit in politics as meritorious people are not coming in politics. “This is one of the reasons for the current appalling situation in politics.”

Speaking at another programme, Fakhrul alleged that Law Minister Anisul Huq at the recent UN’s Convention against Torture of at Geneva lied with little hesitation saying he has no idea about the incidents of enforced disappearance in Bangladesh.

While inaugurating a blood donation programme at BNP’s Nayapaltan central office, he said a senior reporter of a television channel remained missing for several days while over 500 BNP leaders and activists were made disappeared over the 10-year rule of the current government.

Jatiyatabadi Swechchasebak Dal arranged the programme to provide blood for the dengue victims.

Fakhrul appreciated the media for playing a good role in presenting the dengue situation before people. “Or else, the government would trash the dengue outbreak calling it a rumour.”

He said though huge people are getting affected with dengue every day, ministers and the two Dhaka city mayors are saying the dengue situation is under their control. ”They’re, in fact, shameless. They’ve no sense of responsibility to people.”

He thanked Swechchasebak Dal, the voluntary wing of BNP, for arranging the programme and urged their party leaders and activists to stand by the dengue-affected people.