Shop owners’ platform decides to get firmer against tobacco products


21st July, 2019 09:36:44 printer

Shop owners’ platform decides to get firmer against tobacco products

Bangladesh Dokan Malik Shamity (BDMS), a platform of shop owners, gave assurances that it will take necessary steps going forward to prohibit the sale of ‘loose’ cigarettes, that is to say cigarettes from broken packs.

A discussion meeting was organized Saturday by the Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) in collaboration with BDMS, to seek measures on prohibiting tobacco promotions at BDMS premises in Moghbazar, Dhaka- where the organization explained their standpoint on the issue.

The recently published survey report titled ‘Big Tobacco, Tiny Target, Bangladesh’ by DAM was presented to the audience at the event, which was presided by BDMS Vice-President Abdul Qauiyum Talukder.

During the day’s proceedings Talukder said that in order to build a tobacco-free Bangladesh by 2040, BDMS will take necessary actions to ban the sale of cigarettes within 100 yards of any educational institution or playground.

The meeting was greeted by the General Secretary of BDMS Md Jahirul Haque Bhuiyan. Savar Municipality Chief Executive Officer Sharaf  Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury was present as Special Guest. Representatives from different markets located inside and outside capital Dhaka were present at the event.

The keynote paper on the needful to prohibit tobacco industry promotions, along with the ‘Big Tobacco, Tiny Target, Bangladesh’ survey report were presented by Md Mukhlesur Rahman, Assistant Director and Tobacco Control Project Coordinator of Dhaka Ahsania Mission.

According to the survey, tobacco products are being sold within 100 yards of 90.6% of schools and playgrounds; 81.87% shops display their tobacco products at the eye level of a child (within 1 meter); 64.19% shops keep the tobacco products among candies, chocolates and toys; 82.17% shops have some kind of promotional item for tobacco products; 67.39% have stickers, empty packets, festoons, flyers etc.; and 29.60% have posters of tobacco products.

Recently, DAM has conducted this survey in collaboration with Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, to study the promotional strategies employed by the tobacco industry to lure the young generation toward their harmful products- especially around 100 yards of educational institutions and playgrounds. This has been named as ‘Big Tobacco, Tiny Target Bangladesh’.