33 pens, Blades found in young man’s stomach! | 2019-07-20

33 pens, Blades found in young man’s stomach!

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20th July, 2019 04:53:41 printer

33 pens, Blades found in young man’s stomach!

In a baffling surgery that questions the limit of human endurance, a doctor in the Chhatarpur area of Madhya Pradesh pulled out as many as 33 sharp objects — including a plastic pen and blades — from 30-year-old Yogesh's stomach.

The operation was conducted by Dr MPN Khare, who runs a private hospital, on Wednesday. Following the surgery, Yogesh is said to be stable and out of danger. He is currently in post-surgery observation.

Hailing from Ishanagar, Yogesh went to the doctor complaining of a pain in his stomach. Apparently, he was in the habit of eating any item in his vicinity, including inedible and dangerous ones. The accumulation of these items had led to a slowly groing unbearable pain.

He was then asked to undergo further tests, wherein the X-ray also revealed the collection of sharp objects inside Yogesh's stomach.

He was recommended an immediate surgery, and during the almost two-hour surgery, items like pencil, needles, metallic wire and leather were extracted from his abdomen. At last count, a total of 33 objects were gathered out of his body.

Doctors said that though the operation was a tough one, they had managed to complete it successfully. They added that Yogesh was now out of danger.