Khaled Mahmud ready to step up as head coach | 2019-07-20

Khaled Mahmud ready to step up as head coach


20th July, 2019 01:29:02 printer

Khaled Mahmud ready to step up as head coach

Khaled Mahmud, who has been assigned with numerous roles by the Bangladesh Cricket Board, noted that the board should believe in the ability of local coaches after he was named as the interim coach of the national side in the aftermath of Steve Rhodes stepping down from his position.

A few days ago, the former Bangladesh all-rounder had also said that he was ready to step down as the director of Bangladesh cricket, if he was offered the head coach's role, in order to avoid conflict of interest. Incidentally, a couple of years back, he had quit abruptly due to the conflict of interest allegation after taking over as the temporary coach (he was then known as the technical director) from Chandika Hathurusingha.

"It is tough to plan for a short period," Mahmud told reporters. "This is crisis moment for the board and we are not finding anyone for coaching. So, I'm doing it for the sake of the board and cricket and because I have been working for five years with the team. Helping the team is my responsibility. I was a manager, it is a different responsibility now because I work from the field and my profession is coaching. This is a matter of pleasure and challenging at the same time," he added.

Mahmud also stated that he didn't apply for the position of the head coach, knowing that the higher-ups in the board would likely prefer a head coach. The deadline to apply for the job ended on July 18. "I did not apply on July 18. Board wants an overseas coach. Actually, we appoint a foreign coach in every department. Board is not that confident of our locals. But, I think I'm capable for the job. This is not a rocket science to guide a team. Usually, you have to complete level 3-4, and I completed level 3 in 2006-07. And it's not like we were idle after doing that. We worked on the ground."

The former Bangladesh skipper also observed that it is easier for a local to coach the side as he is familiar with the home conditions and has a better understanding of junior cricket. ''Techniques are fixed in cricket. Everyone plays the square cut in the same way. Inswing or outswing, everyone does it in a similar way. What is important is your planning and that is what matters here, and as I am from this country, played on these same grounds, it will be easier for me to make plans.

"And this is why I understand their mindset. I think this a mental game. One person (coach) combines 11 individuals here, you need to create a spirit that can help the team to win the match. I think I can do that. When a new coach arrives, he takes time to understand the team, players and that kills a lot of time. I won't need that time.

"I am already familiar with the junior team players. So, if I have to pick from outside the national team, that will also be a plus point for me. I worked with BPL teams for last 5-6 years as the head coach. So, now I have enough coaching experience. I worked with different coaches, I have seen them working. I know how to handle a team. I started playing since I was 13. It totally depends on your will. How passionate you are about it and I think I'm so much passionate about it,'' he said.

When asked whether he insists on promoting local coaches during meetings held by the board, Mahmud said that he has tried to help coaches with a local background to come through the ranks. ''I do that [promoting local coaches]. I have that right to give my opinion. I always give my opinion. But, I am no one to take the decision. The decision will be taken with everyone's opinion. And we have a panel for selecting a coach. Until they are confident about it, it will be difficult.

''If you see, I worked as an interim [coach] before and I had only one chance. However, that experience was not good either. Then I never got the opportunity again. Salahuddin worked before that. I too worked with Jamie Siddons as an assistant. So, it's not like we do not have the experience with the national team. Actually, we need an opportunity. If you see, when Steve Rhodes came, his beginning was not that smooth. But, if you see his record, he has a better winning record. You have to give proper chances, so that he can progress with plans. Every coach has some natural preference, he feels confident on someone, so there are many things,'' he said.