US Ambassador tastes old Dhaka’s Briyani, Bakorkhani

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17th July, 2019 05:09:24 printer

US Ambassador tastes old Dhaka’s Briyani, Bakorkhani

US Ambassador to Bangladesh Earl R. Miller has tasted the traditional foods ‘Briyani and Bakorkhani’ of old Dhaka.

The US ambassador to Bangladesh along with Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) mayor Sayeed Khokon went to visit the historical places of old part in the capital on Wednesday morning. 

At first, Earl R. Millar went to a shop named Haji Briyani of Nazirabazar and tasted  Briayani there, a traditional food item in Dhaka city. He also tasted Bakorkhani, another popular food item to the Dhaka dwellers.  


During the visit, he talked with the local people and shopkeepers to know about the history, culture and tradition of the ancient Dhaka.

DSSC public relations officer Uttam Kumar confirmed the US ambassador’s visit in old part of Dhaka with mayor.