Christine Lagarde resigns as head of IMF


17th July, 2019 12:28:51 printer

Christine Lagarde resigns as head of IMF

Christine Lagarde has said she will step down as managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

It comes ahead of a decision on her nomination to become head of the European Central Bank (ECB).

Ms Lagarde said she would leave the IMF on 12 September.

The former French cabinet minister has been head of the IMF since 2011.

If the European Council approves her ECB nomination, she will become the central bank's first ever female leader, responsible for the euro and the monetary policy of the eurozone.

Known as the "rock star" of international finance, Ms Lagarde, 63, began her career as a lawyer before moving into politics.

She served in various ministerial posts under Nicolas Sarközy before being elected as the first female boss of the IMF - replacing Dominique Strauss Khan.

Christine Lagarde's career

1956: Born in Paris

1973: Wins scholarship to exclusive US school for a year, where she perfects her English

1981: After law school in Paris, joins international law firm Baker & McKenzie as an associate, becoming chair 18 years later

2005: Becomes France's trade minister in 2005

2007: Becomes France's finance minister, the first woman to hold this post not just in France but in any of the G8 major industrial countries

2011: Becomes head of the IMF

2019: Nominated to become president of the European Central Bank