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England chief Giles dismisses ‘extra run’ row

16th July, 2019 11:47:22 printer

England director of cricket Ashley Giles has insisted he had no qualms about keeping the World Cup trophy after former leading umpire Simon Taufel said the hosts were mistakenly awarded an extra run during their nail-biting win over New Zealand in the final at Lord’s.

A freak fielding deflection off Ben Stokes’ bat that raced to the boundary saw England awarded six runs with three balls to go in the final over on Sunday.

Stokes then tied the score at the end of regular play. Scores were again level in the resulting Super Over, and England won a first World Cup because they had hit more boundaries during the final.

Taufel told Fox Sports Australia that the umpires had made a “clear mistake”, as the batsmen had not crossed for their second run when the ball was thrown in by the fielder.