Global Nature Of Modern Fashion

14th July, 2019 09:18:13 printer

Global Nature 
Of Modern Fashion

Every country has its own rich history revolving around fashion. For this reason, traditional clothes vary from country to country.

The diversity that exists in every country’s trend is absolutely fascinating. While most people around the world imitate the West in looks, when it comes to fashion they also adhere to their roots. This ethnicity is their originality, what makes them who they are. Designers all around the world take a cue from one another to bring variation in their masterpieces. Sometimes the ornaments and print works from Afghanistan make their way to Milan Fashion Week. Here in Bangladesh, women have recently started to wear Kimono, a traditional Japanese garment. In many other ways, fashion is bridging the cultural differences and it’s absolutely amazing! Fashion fusion creates more opportunities for people from different nations, cultures, religions, and backgrounds to work together. It opens up new doors, new possibilities. Groove has created four such styles that will definitely inspire you and your loved ones to explore more such options:


Go International!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could impress your friends one evening dressed up like the sassy French fashionista while another day you could adopt the look of a demure Japanese girl? Have fun with fashion this week as we play with styles from all around the globe.


French exoticism

When it comes to fashion, France is always on top. As a matter of fact, two things are extremely famous in the country – fashion and wine. French girls are always very well versed, with their lipsticks never straying, and hairstyles always on point. They never over-accessorize, yet they always look extremely chic. Red is a great colour to pick for this style. A red jeans paired with romantic, floral tops would definitely be the “Ooh la la” look. Make your eyes sparkle with a hued contact lens, bigger eyelashes and slightly smokey eye makeup. Opt for peach coloured lipstick.


The pretty Japanese style

While going out in the streets of Dhaka wearing a traditional Japanese dress may not be a grand idea, you could wear a tops that resemble the dress to a great extent. Japanese girls have a reputation for always being dolled up with floral printed dresses, dark accentuated eyes, pink rosy cheeks and red lips. Do a hairstyle that is as majestic as the look.


American allure

Some of the biggest fashion designers were born here namely Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Vera Wang, Betsey Johnson, Carolina Herrera, Jason Wu, Tory Burch, Anna Sui, Bill Blass and many more. Paying a tribute to global fashion and not mentioning the USA would be such a pity. Opt for a long, sophisticated pencil skirt and pair it with an off shoulder black top with ruffle works on sleeves. Paired with elegant makeup and a twisted, half-done hairstyle, this style looks angelic.


Italy’s romantic vogue

Milan is considered the fashion capital of the world. Embrace the flirtatious Italian fashion with a striped printed tops secured by a ribbon, baring the shoulders. Opt for a high-waisted black striped pant with this. Keep your makeup minimum, prioritizing the eyes more. With this look, keep your hair open as this will help you flaunt your curls.

Model: Chamak

Photo: Monjurul Alam

Makeover: Banthai Barber & Beauty Salon

Wardrobe: Awesome Outfitters  

Story: Nusrat Jahan Pritom

Styling: Syed Ruma