Enforce ban on polythene

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8th July, 2019 04:50:19 printer

Enforce ban on polythene

Harmful polythene bags are everywhere despite the ban imposed on its production, marketing and use way back in 2004. It is worthwhile to mention that polythene is the main obstacle to boost our jute industries.  If anyone goes to buy kitchen items, he is given a polythene bag to carry his bazar. Thus the kitchen markets are one place where the mobile courts must raid and do the same in other major places which are violating the ban.

We are concerned about the detrimental impacts on the environment of the wholesale use of polythene bags. Piles of used polythene bags in dustbins, narrow drains and on the surface of water bodies represent the worst scenario of polythene pollution which has by now reached an alarming proportion.

Rampant use of poly bags is the main culprit for clogging the drainage networks in the city. We are aware that the waterlogging problem in the capital and other major cities in the country has taken an acute turn due to the random use of polythene products.

Alternatives like jute and paper bags must be made available to effectively stop the use of polythene. Besides, the polythene producing factories should be closed down.


We are delighted that a unique jute product is going to bring forth the end of the use of harmful polythene hopefully. The Sonali bag discovered by a Bangladeshi scientist from jute is our best hope and we have to ensure its success. The higher cost of production remains a primary barrier to fulfil the objective which is likely to be overcome with commercial production of the bag.

Under the initiative of the government, the product is set to go for large-scale production and it is likely to hit the market by December. Hopefully, it will "out-market" the inexpensive polythene bags in a short span of time.

In this situation, it is urgent to encourage other investors to set up factories of eco-friendly and affordable packaging materials and enforce the ban effectively to thwart the use of polythene.