Thought-Wheel in Summer

Tulip Chowdhury

7th July, 2019 11:15:57 printer

Thought-Wheel in Summer

Of Failures: “I am going to the gym next week, and for at least three days!” Papree told her husband, Shaon, and she meant it. The planned work-out at the nearby health centre didn’t happen as they did not in many months in the past. However, Papree came up with a reasonable explanation for not going for the exercise, “Of all those sudden meetings at work didn’t come up, I wouldn’t be too tired to make time for my workout, and of course, there is a tomorrow for everything.” Even as she said it, it didn’t sound like the whole truth at all. Things could have worked out differently, but how could she have done to escape the repetitions of such actions or lack of them?

Papree was caught in what experts say, “defensive failure.” We are unable to do something, and while we know perfectly well that situations could have been altered with more determination. Remorse sets in, and we find a way out within the self. While meetings at the workplace may be taking place in the times to come, the chance to keep fit experienced a setback. Yes, the doctor advised you to be regular with exercise, but it’s so hard to place it in the weekly list of “Things to do!” At such points moments in life seem to slip through the fingers like water, and leave us wishing for things lost. But here is the thing, there is no need to be hard on the self, life is a lot about making mistakes and learning from them, all come to teach us lessons.

Rita, the busy school teacher has been planning to visit her aging aunt on a Saturday, and yet no weekends for the past months have made that happen. And Rita found ways to make excuses for herself while having the best of intentions to make it work on a coming no-work day. Then one day, she got a call from her mother that her aunt was hospitalised after she suffered a stroke. Rita could not forgive herself, and this time without trying to find an excuse. And she recalled the words of wisdom she had read some time back, “While procrastinating and defence failure are normal for us humans caught with hundred and one things to do, we need to be alert that we don’t get on a habit of doing these. Often we end up with consequences leading to more regrets.” 

Our success and failures do not make up for who we are, but life challenges can land us in seemingly hopeless waters. It is not possible to materialise every dream and hope, but on occasions, time, and actions make all the differences.

Sources: In the cycle of life that goes on within our vision or beyond our senses, we the humans are no different than all that surrounds us, within and beyond our perceptions. The realisation is humbling and takes away that feeling of being a superior being with intelligence. If we are more intelligent than other lives around us, it should be a gratifying experience, and not that brings vanity. As intelligent as we may be, we are not superior or the better when compared to other living things. Are we all not sources of energy, striving to keep life going? This recognition makes me aware of the invisible energy fields that keep me alive, keeps life flowing in the universe. How can vanity touch me when I am forever indebted to every good thing that happens, or the strength that keeps me absorb hurts and pains and still keeps me emotionally navigating through daily life? Pain and pleasure that humans or other entities have in each life blends in with the waves that rise from the bed of the sea, rush towards the shore in glee only to break into the surf, and return to their source. The hushing and rushing of the sea are like the laughter and cries of humans on the land. The rage of the wind in a storm or the gentle breeze; the sound and silence of the birds blend in as parts of the emotional orchestra within us.

Life and its elements beyond our senses are like endless orchestras played by the hands of one whom we name as the Creator, God, the source, or other names. And for some of us, we have no names at all for the maker of all that seems so magical while we enter and exit the Earth. In the fields of energy life for me is like a shooting star. But like the forces that keep the sea flowing, that keep days and nights happening, deep down, there is this immense gratefulness to be a part of it all.

I feel taken in the flow of energy like forces have volcanoes erupt or keep them calm and sleeping. The ebb of tides and the heaving sea beckon me as does energy that has seeds to grow into shoots. Within it all, my emotions are caught, my physical being responds to the flow of energies, and I become a part of the whole universe. It seems as though volcanoes are kind of panacea for the Earth, they erupt on their time to feed energy fields that surround them. They may injure life around them with lava and ashes, but perhaps we have to remember that as fields of energy, they renew the map and begin new forms of life as they cool down. The lava growing cold is like a makeover for the Creator artist on the face of the Earth. Solidified lava mixing with ashes and rocks divert water-ways, and deep beneath the ground caves may be making their own changes. Waterways are linked to each other, and while streams, rivers, and seas give off evaporation, lives on the Earth feed on the water cycle. Much as we ask nature why it is cruel when it can be beautiful all the time, many near-extinct species of animals and birds may have questions to the humans, “Why are you destroying our habitations?” The thoughts make one wonder if there is a place of balance in the games of life at all?

Tulip Chowdhury writes from

Massachusetts, USA.