Do more research: Planning Minister to university teachers, students

He promises to provide necessary assistance for researchers


6th July, 2019 04:06:14 printer

Do more research: Planning Minister to university teachers, students

Planning Minister MA Mannan on Saturday asked the teachers and students of universities to conduct more research for sustainable development of the country.

“The developed Western nations are at this position thanks to their advanced research. So, why don’t we research more? We’ll assist you if you come to us with your researches,” he said at a two-day conference at social science building of Dhaka University (DU).

DU Bureau of Economic Research organised the programme titled ‘Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Development’ supported by the World Bank Group, South Asia Economic Policy Network, Social Justice Decent Work of ILO, Ark Foundation, IFIC Bank and Rupali Bank Limited.

“Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asks us sometimes why we don’t carry out large-scale researches. We’ve developed many sectors and can do research in fields that need research,” he added.

Mannan also said that the incumbent government keeps big allocations for education in the budget.

“Our main goal is to reduce visible, culture, and judicial discriminations. The government expects many things from the top education institutions. We’ve to think how the discrimination can be reduced and include the poor into the mainstream society. So, youths have to incline towards research,” he added.

Mannan said that the government not only believes in development but also in transformation.

“You, the university teachers and students, are the best products of the country and we expect many things from you,” he said.