Alaska sees record temperatures in heatwave


6th July, 2019 11:10:06 printer

Alaska sees record temperatures in heatwave

A new record high temperature has been set in the US state of Alaska, part of which lies inside the Arctic Circle.

A temperature of 90F (32C) was reached at Anchorage airport on Thursday, the US Weather Service tweeted.

The previous high was just under 30C, and the average at this time of year is 18C.

Alaska had earlier broken records throughout a hot spring, particularly in the Arctic zone which is especially sensitive to fluctuations in climate.

Local residents, who routinely pack knit caps and fleece jackets in summer, on Friday were swapping them for sunscreen and parasols, the Associated Press reports.

Shawn King, a native of Anchorage, said he had never seen a stretch of similar hot weather.

His young daughter Tessa had insisted going barefoot when he offered to go fishing. "It's too hot for shoes," she said.

The dramatic warming Alaska has experienced in recent years is linked partly to a decline in sea ice and Arctic Ocean warming.

This has wreaked havoc on local communities, wildlife and the state's economy.

Climate change played a role in the deaths of thousands of puffins in Alaska, scientists said in May.

They said they believed the birds had starved to death when the fish they eat migrated north with rising sea temperatures.