Worrying can never solve problems

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4th July, 2019 12:49:23 printer

Worrying can never solve problems

In this inspiring YoursWisely video, Dr Janki Santoke gives the example of a classic Mullah Nasruddin tale, and elucidates why it is important to train the brain to stop worrying. The video shows how instead of enjoying the boat ride, the Mullah keeps pacing the boat forward and hurrying towards his destination.

Dr Santoke draws parallels from the story to our lives and points out how we keep hurrying towards the destination instead of enjoying the journey. In such situations, the mind starts worrying unnecessarily, she says.

“Why does the mind need to worry about the past and future. Since the action has started, we will reach our destination, sooner or later. The more we worry, the more our action is impaired. We make things worse,” she emphasises.