Easy ways to get rid of bad breath and maintain good oral health

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30th June, 2019 12:34:05 printer

Easy ways to get rid of bad breath and maintain good oral health


Bad breath, which is also known as Halitosis, is used to describe any bad or unpleasant smell coming from the mouth. Sometimes, a person suffering from the same may not be aware of the underlying concern, thereby not realising the importance and urgency to get it treated.

Smile makeover specialist Dr Nida Khateeb, who says that bad breath can sometimes be a reason for a person’s exclusion from social circles, explains the causes and shares ways to treat the same.

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath is caused by molecules like sulphur and ketones. In some people, it develops from the food eaten or also the medication they may be taking. Other reasons could be improper functioning of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, or the urinary system. Food particles that remain in the mouth overnight turn into bacteria and cause bad breath.

How does it affect an individual?

Bad breath can have a major effect on the psychology of an individual. It may make an individual feel uncomfortable and under-confident when socialising with family, friends or others. Which is why it is important to maintain good oral hygiene and keep bad breath away.

What is the treatment?

*Mouth rinses, mouth sprays, chewing gums can be your temporary solutions.

*Existing disease treatment inside the oral cavity, like periodontal treatment (gum disease), can be effective.

*Choose your brush and toothpaste wisely as it is a crucial aspect. Choosing eco-friendly products are a good option.

*Getting scaling and polishing of teeth done once in six months from a dental professional can help maintain oral hygiene and reduce bad breath.

*Using proper brush, dental floss, and inter-dental brush are very important.

*It is also important to clean your tongue while brushing. You should be very slow while brushing your teeth as doing it harshly can cause harm.

*Cavities can also be a source of bad breath. Restoration of cavities, endodontic treatment of infected teeth can help reduce bad breath.

*Old or faulty crowns, and old or faulty dentures should be replaced to reduce bad breath.

*Diabetes is also a common cause of bad breath. Blood sugar levels should be monitored regularly to keep it under control.

*If you experience bad breath, you should visit a professional and get your mouth checked for dry mouth, tissue around impacted wisdom teeth, oral ulceration or malignancy (cancers).

*Bad breath can also originate from respiratory, gastrointestinal and hepatic, renal, endocrine or haematological diseases. You need to get a thorough check-up done.

Source: The Indian Express