Here are some simple ways to combat hair loss

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29th June, 2019 02:42:57 printer

Here are some simple ways to combat hair loss


Hair loss is a common problem during summer, and the subsequent monsoon. If you have this problem, and are unable to decide which shampoo or oil is best to combat it, here are some techniques to try curb it.

Try keeping your hair dry

Keeping your hair dry is extremely important during the monsoon. Dampness in hair can cause more breakage and subsequent hair fall. Ensure you dry your hair after washing it, and avoid combing it when it is wet.

Watch what you eat

Protein is extremely beneficial for hair, and an effective way of combating hair fall is to increase your protein intake. Eat a lot of green vegetables, low-fat dairy products and carrots to see the difference.

Use a mild shampoo and condition your hair

It is generally recommended that you use a mild shampoo during summer, one that doesn’t make the hair too frizzy, helps in retaining the volume and revitalises it. After washing your hair, remember to condition it. It will help with the frizz.

Drink lots of water

There is no two ways about this. Keeping yourself hydrated during summer is imperative for good skin and hair. Remember to drink lots of water and you will be able to see the difference.

Avoid styling your hair

It is important to stay away from styling your hair during the summer or monsoon. While chemicals are never healthy for the hair, they make things worse in the summer.

Source: The Indian Express