Snake vs Crocodile: Who wins this epic battle?

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26th June, 2019 04:38:34 printer

Snake vs Crocodile: Who wins this epic battle?


Python meets crocodile. Python fights crocodile. And then? Before telling you who wins the fight, let us paint the background picture. In an incident that took place in Australia, an olive python got engaged in a battle with a freshwater crocodile. The entire fight was captured in a series of incredible - and for some horrifying - pictures.

The gruesome images were shared on Facebook by GG Wildlife Rescue, a non-profit rescue service for native animals in Australia. Posted on June 1, these “SSSSssssssssensational” images have created a stir among people. Till now, the post has amassed more than 19,000 comments, about 35,000 views, and over 17,000 likes.

Pythons are known for suffocating their prey by coiling around them, reports the BBC. Also, the flexible jaws of the reptiles enable them to swallow preys which are much larger than their own size.

Source: Hindustan Times