Stay hydrated this summer

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26th June, 2019 11:07:19 printer

Stay hydrated this summer


Urinary Tract Infections, commonly known as UTI is a health concern that is encountered by all at some point of time. According to the international figures, about 10 million people visit their doctor annually for consultation on this problem.

Medically, this is created when the bacteria gets into the urine of a person and reaches the bladder. According to the trends, women are four times more prone to get affected by UTI than men. It is understood that some people are more prone to UTI than others as in case of cold we find some people more sensitive to the changing season. It has been observed that more such cases are reported during summers. While there are several reasons to be infected with UTI, the foremost being the deficiency of water in the body.

Since in summer we lose water by sweating, we need more energy to work normally in comparison to winters. Many people ask about the symptoms of UTI. Few of them are pain or itching sensation during urination. It is to be noted that a person affected with UTI needs to urinate quiet frequently. Some people also feel pain in the back or around their ribs and even get fever when they suffer from infection in urinary track.

As far as prevention from UTI is concerned, there are several dos and don’ts that apply to both men and women while there are some specific to women to avoid getting affected with the infection. While the cleanliness is a basic principal, getting hydrated, especially during summers is also said to be very important for protection from urinary infection.

As the UTI starts with bacteria entering the urine, it is suggested that during summers more intake of fluids is needed to keep one safe from infection in urinary track.

As a layman it is easy to understand that since the fluids drive through the urinary track and pass through the bladder, more the flow of fluids, more will be the frequency of urinating. Hence, more intakes of fluids will force one to urinate more. With the increasing of the flow, the bacteria will be flushed out of the body. It is worth mentioning that urinating may cause some pain or itching but still urinate more to flush the bacteria out of the body. Hence, the best way to be protected from UTI is to remain hydrated in summers.

Make ensure that you consume lots of water and other fluids during this time in particular.