Cumilla youth shows how to farm fish in yard pools


26th June, 2019 09:32:09 printer

Cumilla youth shows how to farm fish in yard pools

Iqbal Hossain, a youth of Shubhanagar village in Sadar upazila, has started rearing fish in yard pools, having taught himself the technique by watching a tutorial on Youtube, the video blogging site.

“I started farming fish in yard pool as a hobby but now I've been providing fish to nearby families after meeting my own demand,” Iqbal said.

It was indeed a video on YouTube to become interested in fish farming in yard pool, he said.

Iqubal went on saying, “I dug three pools of seven by eight feet in size and started farming fish in January last with a total expense of Tk 1 lakh and 20 thousand.”

“Firstly, I started with different species but later decided to farm Sing, Telapia and Pangas only in the yard pools.”

Now he has got huge fish  in the three pools, he added.

Cumilla District Fisheries Officer Abdul Kuddus Akhanda said, “Anyone can farm fish in yard pools if water and sufficient oxygen are available.”

Fish can grow in a pool without any chemical which is healthy and environment-friendly one, Kuddus said.

“This short range fish farming would accelerate the country’s position in world fish production rate," he said.

Kuddus also said the nutritional needs of a family can be met by this type of fish farming at a very low cost.