Trump imposes sanctions on Iran’s supreme leader, others

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25th June, 2019 10:19:13 printer

Trump imposes sanctions on Iran’s supreme leader, others


The Trump administration ordered new sanctions that aim to freeze the assets of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s office and several Iranian military commanders and include plans to target Foreign Minister Javad Zarif later this week.

Mr Trump said the additional sanctions were in response to the shooting down of a US drone and "many other things".

President Trump signed an order on Monday authorizing the new sanctions as a message to Iran that Washington won’t ease up on its economic-pressure campaign against the country, even though Mr. Trump canceled a planned military strike last week with minutes to spare.

“We will continue to increase pressure on Tehran,” the president said in the Oval Office, selecting sanction targets US officials said bear responsibility for recent oil-tanker attacks, rocket launches and the downing of a $130 million US military drone.

Mr Trump said the action would deny access to global financial resources for Mr Khamenei and the others. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said later the supreme leader’s office and top officers in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iran’s elite militia designated by the US as a terror group, were chosen because they were responsible for the recent events.

Source: BBC/ The Wall Street Journal