Salma Hayek, Owen Wilson to star in 'Bliss'

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22nd June, 2019 11:49:19 printer

Salma Hayek, Owen Wilson to star in 'Bliss'

Hollywood stars Salma Hayek and Owen Wilson are set to to play the lead roles in Amazon's upcoming sci-fi drama "Bliss".

According to Deadline, the film follows a recently divorced man, Greg (Wilson) who meets Isabel (Hayek), a woman living on the streets who believes that "the polluted broken world around them is not real and that they are living in a simulation inside of the beautiful, peaceful real world of bliss".

Despite initial doubts, Greg soon feels that there may be some truth to Isabel's conspiracy theory.

James D Stern will be producing the project, along with Lucas Smith and Marsha Swintion attached as executive producers.

The movie, written and directed by Mike Cahill, is currently in production.

Source: PTI