Bangabandhu Mausoleum at Tungipara - a must visit site

Md Ziaul Haque Howlader

17th June, 2019 10:41:37 printer

Bangabandhu Mausoleum at Tungipara - a must visit site

Tungipara under Gopalganj district is the birthplace of the Father of the Nation and the greatest son of thousand years of Bengali nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Here also lies Bangabandhu in peace. About 421 km away from Dhaka, this is an importance place, where millions of people every year on 15 August visit this place to pay glowing tribute to the Father of the Nation. The Bangabandhu Mausoleum is an important architecture in terms of deep respect as well as aesthetic and historic value.

The objective of the design of the mausoleum is to disseminate the philosophy and personality of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. It intends to convey the national history, culture and tradition of Bangladesh and in the process conveying the struggle for right and independence of the bereft nation inspiring the future generation to build a better future. The mausoleum complex is comprised of a museum, a library, temporary and permanent exhibition spaces, open-air theatre with green rooms, souvenir shops, a mosque, information centre, security guard room and public plaza. In the museum, tourists will find many pictures of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Inside the memorial, there is a paternal house filled with childhood memories of Bangabandhu. The house has now turned into a complex for the visitors and tourists to see some amazing childhood memories of this historical figure.

The entire project is built with exposed red bricks and fare face concrete representing the modesty in design approach. The plan integrated with surrounding landscape causing minimal disruption to the natural setting, as the design evolved from geographical context.


The grave of the Father of the Nation is covered under a nicely designed structure. Visitors are allowed to enter inside the structure. They need to abide by a few rules while entering into the tomb. Outside the wall of the tomb, there is a place for offering floral wreaths.

There are many large trees that make the place genuinely subliminal. The large trees with dark green leaves provide a relaxing shade for the tourists.  Also there is a beautiful pond beside the mosque inside the memorial. The pond soothes the eyes of visitors by its tranquility. Tourists can sit beside the pond and relax for some time. Right on the left-hand side of the memorial there is a canteen where tourists can have their lunch or breakfast before starting the tour of the memorial.

There are many artificial small mounds made out of stone and gardens filled with artificial flowers just beside this house.  There are benches all over the memorial for tourists to sit and relax. This place is truly an ideal place for tourists to visit and see the remains of some rare and up-close events of the excellent Bengali of all time.

At the frontier of the main entrance of the mausoleum the extensive croplands will seduce you immensely. The vastness and the beauty of the croplands will take your mind to the horizon and immerse you into a deep thought for a while.  You can perceive the real beauty of Bangabandhu's Golden Bangla. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation has established a motel at Tungipara just a few minutes away from the mausoleum. Tourists can nicely make overnight stay at the motel.


The writer is Manager at Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC).