Monsoon illnesses: 5 indoor exercises for the rainy day in

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16th June, 2019 11:46:39 printer

Monsoon illnesses: 5 indoor exercises for the rainy day in

The heavy downpour sometimes won’t allow you to go for your favourite run outside. Let’s find out what you could do to keep the body in motion on such drenched days...

Jump rope skipping: Jumping at a very moderate rate burns 10 to 16 calories a minute and it will give you lightness on your feet. It’s also great for working the arms and legs along with the rest of the body.

Plyometric exercises: These can strengthen the muscles and tendons in your upper and lower body. Do jump squats, clap push-ups, high-speed sits-ups, but don’t overdo it to avoid injuries.

Core training: A strong core prevents lower back pain and improves coordination between the upper and lower body during running. Try a combination of the following exercises for 30 seconds or more for each – side planks, planks, rotational crunches and flutter kicks.

Balance exercises: When stuck at home you can do single-legged deadlifts, heel-toe walk or vrikshasana. Even slowly walking back and forth inside the house with your eyes closed can become a challenging move for balance.

Static stretching: This can improve stride length for runners. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and repeat three times focusing on the calves, front thigh, hip, pectorals (chest, lats) and biceps.