NBR to collect Tk 325,660cr revenue


13th June, 2019 06:41:01 printer

NBR to collect Tk 325,660cr revenue

The government has set a Taka 3,25,660 crore revenue target for the National Board of Revenue (NBR) in the proposed national budget of Taka 5,23,190 crore for fiscal 2019-20.

To this end, the new VAT law would be effective from July 1 along with some other measures.

Depending on planned tax management steps, total revenue collection has been estimated to be Taka 3,77,810 crore in the fiscal 2019-20.

Out of this, Taka 3,25,660 crore will be collected through the National Board of Revenue. Tax revenue from non-NBR sources has been estimated at Taka 14,500 crore. Besides, the estimated non-tax revenue is Taka 37,710 crore.