Anushka Shetty opens up about her book The Magic Weight Loss Pill

12th June, 2019 10:27:08 printer

Anushka Shetty opens up about her book The Magic Weight Loss Pill

Almost a year after coming into the spotlight for bringing about the dramatic weight loss of Baahubali actor Anushka Shetty, Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach — Integrative Medicine, opens up about his recently released book, The Magic Weight Loss Pill, written in collaboration with the actor, reports mid-day.

Following reports of Shetty struggling to shed the 20 kilos she had gained for Size Zero (2015), Coutinho was credited for whipping the actor into shape. "The idea was to bring about a change in her lifestyle, and not just the diet. We assessed [her] medically and then looked into four pillars — nutrition, exercise, sleep and emotional stress. There were some hormonal imbalances that I identified, apart from some deficiencies", he says.

Coutinho, an active propagator of Intermittent Fasting, put Shetty on a similar plan, where she would fast for 12-14 hours, and then eat three meals — breakfast, lunch and dinner. "We altered the carbohydrate, fat and protein ratio based on her training programme. When she wasn’t training, I put her on a detox plan."

In their book, he says the duo has chronicled the actor's journey to leading a healthy life, apart from addressing diseases like thyroid and diabetes.