Apex launches ‘Street Fashion Show’ in Bangladesh

Staff Correspondent

31st May, 2019 01:27:09 printer

Apex launches ‘Street Fashion Show’ in Bangladesh

Footwear giant Apex, once again, is going to turn city streets into ramp to aware city people about traffic rule and their responsibilities.

To do that, Apex has bought ‘Apex Street Fashion Show’ during the eve of Eid. Streets meet fashion on this occasion.

During the show, the zebra crossings are used as ramp. Commuters saw models flaunt their confidence wearing Apex Eid collection. At the both side of the road there are posters reminding about the traffic rule.

For better awareness and to make the roads lively once again, this is an initiative in Bangladesh ever first of its kind.

Apex hopes that this show successfully injects some awareness into city dwellers regarding traffic law. The streets will light up again with day to day fashion show! People will walk on the street to discover themselves, not to lose lives and they will be more cautious about traffic rules just like about their fashion.